Guided tours by Outdoor company LakelandGTE 

Welcome on holidays in Finland lakeland area, by lake Saimaa.  If you are looking for a one day adventure or outdoor activity you have come to the right place !  I provide guided tours and activities in northern Saimaa area.  I can bring you to the most exciting places and nature hot spots in the area. I offer tailormade service with the best service Guarantee.  Guided tours include:

Winter in lake Saimaa means the time between november-april. This is the time when lakes get deep frozen and snow covers everything. Winter is magnificent and peacefull because the nature is resting.  Dress-up in  winter clothing and come with me, winter adventure are waiting !

Finnish  nature offers to you

  • thousands of blue lakes and waters so clean  that in select places you can even drink directly lake water
  • clean air and silence like nowhere else, starting from your doorstep
  • wellbeing that only pure nature can provide

Guided tour with a local gives you even more, such as insights to local life, habits, surroundings, culture and history, and of course the ease and safety.   Lakelandguide is professional wilderness guide mr Arto Keinänen (the one playing accordion in photo below). I provide you easy and safe access to the nature on my guided tours, along with all necessary equipments. Book me online or email/call me when you are here. To guarantee your best summer/winter experience preorder highly recommended. Most tours can be booked online.


Have a look at my services and join me in an adventure !


Guided tours by Ecoboat in Saimaa, Savonlinna region, Finland

Sightseeing cruise by Ecoboat “Lady of the Lake”- enjoyment for all senses on the lakes


Welcome in Finland  with family and friends !