Accordeon cruise in Venice of Savo

Accordeon cruise in “Venice of Savo”

These cruises end in october 2019. Click here to see available cruises in summer 2020. Varkaus town is called “Venice of Savo” thanks to the many canals located in town area. Varkaus is kind of split in many parts by canals.  The  big Taipale canal enables boating from lake Saimaa to the north and back along the Saimaa deep waterway. My electric ecoboat brings you on a comfortable sightseeing tour along the shores and canals in Varkaus. You may experience passing through the big canal, see and hear water flowing in via canal doors as the boat changes altitude by some 5 meters. Listen to captain stories about history and development of water routes, canals, Varkaus town and enjoy live accordeon music in the best lakeland scenery with friends. Excellent romantic evening cruise for couples, families and small groups.

Varkaus accordeon cruise
Accordion music on Varkaus cruise
  • Schedule as per your wishes
  • Duration 2 hours. Starting times at 10:00am in the morning or at 7:00pm in the evening, as per your selection
  • Fee 32€/person.  Minimum 192€ (6 persons)
  • Fee includes cruise, coffee, live accordeon music finnish style, skipper stories
  • 10 seats. Maximum group size 10 persons.
  • Departure place by default from Taipale old canal (adr:  Taipaleen kanava, Varkaus, Finland.  You may leave car in parking, then walk 200m to the old museum canal via the park. Boat leaves from old canal). You may also request departing from other locations: Viltinranta/Taipaleen kanava/Kuntoranta/Lajunlahti.
  • Extra services are available on request
  • You may bring own food and drinks or order catering from us
  • Reservation:  LakelandGTE webshop
  • attention:  no pets allowed
  • Bookings online . Payment by creditcards and instant confirmation

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