Adventure bus tours Varkaus area

Adventure bus tour Varkaus area by a comfortable minivan is the easiest way to explore the Saimaa area with a local guide. Guide will pick you up at your hotel, drive you through the local hotspots and return to hotel after tour. You can just relax and enjoy the ride ! Local guide will give you lots of insights and bring you visit the select nature Hot Spots and cultural attractions.  You can select the places and route yourself, or follow guides recommendations.  You can select many acitivities for your tour too, like a guide wild-food walk in the forest with seasonal herbs, berries and mushrooms.  Bus tour is available everywhere in Varkaus area.  Simply give your address when booking and guide will pickup from your place. You may select a tour of our selection or order a tour tailormade for you

adventure bus tours Saimaa Finland Savo
Call and go. Easiest way to go on tour by Adventure bus

Adventure bus tours in Varkaus area

  1. Alvar Aalto was a famous finnish architect who had a big influence also in Varkaus in 20th century. There are still many buildings designed by Aalto in Varkaus, and we have a 1,5 hr tour that leads you to Alvar Aalto story in Varkaus. Ask for info and availability by contact form
  2. Varkaus sightseeing tour. Guide picks you at at hotel and drives around town showing the hotspots and telling stories about Varkaus. Ask for info and availability by contact form
  3. Tailormade tour in Varkaus area 6 hrs. Explore the area with local guide, and combine any cultural or natural attraction that interest you most. There are also many seasonal activities that you can ask. More information on Varkaus bus tour page


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