Adventure bus tours

Adventure bus tours in Savo area

Adventure bus tours is a guided sightseeing/adventure tour that includes pickup from/to your accommodation. You can just relax and enjoy the ride ! It is the easiest way for you to explore the area with a local guide and visit the best nature Hot Spots and cultural attractions. Adventure bus is based in Varkaus, and I  make tailormade tours in all Savo area. I can pick you up anywhere within 150km radius from Varkaus. I can bring to any destination you want and arrange optional activities outdoors, like Sauna, fishing, canoeing, ice experience in winter etc .


adventure bus tours Saimaa Finland Savo

Call and go. Easiest way to go on tour by Adventure bus

BASIC Adventure bus tours

Check out available tours from Varkaus, Mikkeli and Savonlinna.  If you donot find a suitable tour, contact me for a tailormade tour


TAILORMADE Adventure bus tours

Longer tours and tours to/from other locations than Varkaus are available in all Savo area. Feel free to ask for my recommendations, or build your own dream-tour.

  • Tailormade tour starting place: pickup from your accommodation anywhere within 100km of Varkaus. Give me the address when ordering
  • Tailormade tour fee:  depends on tour & your location. Tell me places that you want to visit, and activities that you want to do, when ordering. I make you an offer.
  • Tailormade tour duration 2-10 hours. Tailormade for you
  • available all year
  • select places that you want to visit. See list below, or suggest your own. Ask offer. Tailormade for you
  • add seasonal activities such as:  trekking, boating, barbecue, canoeing, snow shoeing, fishing, sauna. Ask offer. Tailormade for you
  • servicing languages: finnish, english, french  (+ some german/russian)
  • your own equipment: suitable clothing as per days weather and the activities that you want.


Adventure bus tours explained on video:

Adventure bus tours in a nutshell

  • minibus with 8 guest seats
  • easy & affordable
  • offers 100 different tour options. Select below on the list, or propose me your own destination and I shall build you a tailormade tour
  • bus is located in Varkaus by the highway no 5. I mainly make tours to northern Savonia and southern Savonia area, but can go further on request
  • fee starts from 20€/person and minimum group size is 5-8 persons depending on tour
  • Ask offer:  give me following info and I shall make you offer
    • number of persons participating
    • place of pickup and ending tour
    • time of pickup and ending tour
    • what you want to see and do
  • Adventure bus tour allways includes transportation & tour. If you need only a transportation, you should call a taxi. Tour can be canoeing tour, visit of museum, exploring a nature attraction and trekking etc
  • If your group is more than 8 persons, you will need a bigger bus. Ask offer !

Adventure bus tours ideas in Savonia area

Many adventure bus tours can be made anywhere in the area, because there are lakes and forests everywhere. Nature is close in Savonia. Enclosed a short list of tour ideas and destinations:


  • Everywhere before/in the christmas time: tour around snowy landscapes, walk in winter forest, maybe see some elves, warm glög offered
  • Everywhere in winter time: snow shoe tour
  • Everywhere in spring:  wild food tour, we gather wild herbs for eating and get to know finnish superfood in the forest
  • Everywhere in summer:  canoeing and fishing tours
  • Everywhere in autumn: canoeing and mushroom picking tours
  • Heinävesi area. Tour in Lintula and Valamo monasteries. Lots to see
  • Heinävesi area. Canoe tour to Kolovesi national park
  • Joroinen area. Trekking tour in Kotkanpolku surrounded by sandy ridges. Optional gourmet meal in local green food farm
  • Kuopio area. Tour to Puijo tower and trekking paths in Puijo hill. Optional visit of Kuopio marketplace & shopping
  • Leppävirta area. Daytrip to Orinoro gorge which is one of the seven wonders of Savonia.
  • Leppävirta area. Trip to Konnus canal and rapids. Coffee enjoyed by open fire by the rapids
  • Pieksämäki area. Daytrip to bird lake in Suontee. Best during migration period in april-may
  • Punkaharju area. Daytrip in scenery of the national landscape, Punkaharju ridges. Visit to Lusto forest museum and forest park.
  • Rantasalmi area. Daytrip to Järvisydän resort  with activities. Ice skating tour and visit to Porokylä reindeer farm in the winter. Canoeing, fishing and nature walking in the summer. Delicious meal in restaurant after outdoor activity
  • Rautalampi area. Tour to Southern Konnevesi national park
  • Ristiina. Tour to Astuvansalmi rock paintings (not available in winter)
  • Savonlinna. Daytrip to the old castle and other attractions. Easily combined with Punkaharju visit
  • Savonlinna. Daytrip to Linnansaari national park from Oravi
  • Tuusniemi area. Daytrip to Seinävuori gorge
  • Varkaus. Sightseeing around town and short trekking in nature trail by the rapids
  • Varkaus in winter. Arctic experience tour to Varkaus center for the courageous: ice floating “Saimaa on the rocks”  during winter months
  • Varkaus area in april-october. Canoeing tour to Osmajoki river route
  • Varkaus area in november-february. Tour to Taurishill star observatory. In planning phase

Adventure bus activities

Wanna be more active? How about adding some crazy activities to give you new experiences? Depending on place and route, following activities might be possible…

  • trekking, navigating, picking mushrooms and berries
  • cooking coffee and sausages on open fire. Even some serious nature meals can be arranged in national parks. Nature gourmet ..
  • paddle by canoes,  fishing, boating, cruises,
  • snow shoeing, snow mobiling, ice floating, fishing, walking on ice, watching evening stars, ice skating,
  • observing wildlife, Saimaa seals, birds, horse riding,
  • learning wilderness skills…


Feel free to suggest other tours. We can make tailormade tours for you !