Canoe rental agreement

Canoe rental agreement


Read this  before ordering a canoe rental. When you make order you agree to these terms. When you are on site, you will need to sign a rental document.

Your responsabilities:

  • you are responsible for all damage happened to the equipment, for the price of new equivalent equipment.
  • you must check the shape of equipment at time of start and end of rental with the owner. Any damage happened during rental is your responsibility
  • you must read the safety advice shown by the owner, and understand its meaning.
  • Wearing of lifejacket during canoe trip is mandatory.
  • By signing the rental contract, you assure that you and other persons with you are able to manage the trip on your own by canoe
  • canoeing happens on own responsibility. LakelandGTE staff will estimate your capacity to manage the trip, and in case of doubt, will refuse rental.




  • You should select the route and distance according to your capabilities and current weather. Do not over-estimate your capacity. Donot  take unnecessary risks.
  • Common emergency telephone number is 112.
  • Check that canoe, paddles and bags, as well as life jackets and its locks are all ok before starting trip.
  • Allways wear life jacket when paddling, and a helmet in rapids (attn: helmet is not part of open canoe equipment).
  • Make sure that someone else knows where you are going, and when you will return.
  • Follow your location on the map, so you know at all times where you are.
  • Bring along first aid kit, mobile phone, fire making equipment and pack them water proof.
  • Before going in a rapid with canoe, check that there are no obstacles.
  • Practice your canoeing skills so that you can contol the canoe in all moments. Remember that you are responsible for the equipment.
  • Do not paddle after drinking alcohol, because damage easy happens when drunk.
  • Your insurance may not pay for damages if you are drunk.
  • The owner of equipment has the right to take back equipment before end of contract, if you have misused equipment or ignored safety instructions. In this case, any amount of rent will not be refunded.
  • You are responsible for all damage and loss of equipment.

Safety guidelines of Finland canoeing assosiation

Please read the guidelines