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Canoe rental Finland -Saimaa lakeland

Canoe rental Finland lakeland. Finland is a canoeing paradise with its 188000 lakes and hundreds of rivers.  Lake Saimaa area in Eastern Finland is probably the best region for a paddling holiday. There are four National Parks in the area and many camping sites available for paddlers.  There a few companies in Saimaa Lakeland area, where you may rent canoe and gear.  My company  makes  canoe rental in northern Saimaa area.

NOTE: I will be moving from Varkaus to Puumala on 1.4.2020. My canoe rental services will be changed. More information coming before end of the year 

 My canoe rental service includes:

  • rental of indian canoes & fishing kayaks
  • transfer of canoes and persons from Puumala to nearby locations & national parks by a minibus (max 8 persons) including:
    • Kolovesi national park
    • Linnansaari national park
  • help with route planning
  • book by email and  pay online

Information on my canoe rental:

  • Canoe models and prices.  I recommend Gatz canoe for longer canoe tours because it has a lot of space for equipment. CHECK PRICES & CANOE MODELS
  • Availability. Rental is available all open water season (april-october, sometimes even till mid-november). The high-season is from mid-July till end August. Consider coming  during low-season in may-june or in september, when there are less boats and people in the lakes, and camping sites are mostly empty. My rental is only available by preorder. I donot have a base for last minute rentals.
  • What is included? Prices include canoe, one paddle/person, one drybag/canoe, one safety vest/person, map, instruction, free tips. I also offer special packages that include transfers.
  • Route planning is important. Have a look at my canoe-routes page for ideas. Feel free to ask for advice. When I see you in Varkaus,  we will check your plan together on the map before you go.
  • Cancellations and refunds. Check my reservation policy before you order.
  • Order and payment. Once you have ordered my services by email, I will send you a payment link by email. Check also my special package offers for 7 days and 14 days rentals. More value for your money!
  • Do you need more guidance?  Canoeing and navigating in a big lake area requires many wilderness skills and good physical condition. If you are a beginner or feel that you need more guidance, you should consider taking a guided tour instead of going out by yourself.  One possibility is that you book a guide for the first day, and then continue better prepared. In this case, contact me prior to booking.

Transfer information:

  • the best canoeing waters are allways far from the nearest bus/train station. Therefore you will most likely need a transfer
  • Tranfer is made by a Toyota Hi-Ace minibus that takes guide + max eight (8) persons. I have a trailer for canoes and equipment.
  • Transfer is available from Puumala, address:  Niementie 3, 52200 Puumala, Finland

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Welcome on a canoe holiday in Finland, Saimaa Lakeland

If you want to check other options, I  recommend following companies in my area:

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