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Canoe rental Finland -Saimaa lakeland

Canoe rental Finland lakeland. Finland is a canoeing paradise with its 188000 lakes and hundreds of rivers.  Lake Saimaa area in Eastern Finland is probably the best region for a paddling holiday. There are two National Parks in the area and many camping sites available for paddlers.  There a few companies in Saimaa Lakeland area, where you may rent canoe and gear.  My company  offers  canoe rental in Puumala, in the middle of lake Saimaa (see photo).

  • Find a good route for you. See photo, my routes-google-map and information below
  • Find good canoe(s) and check the price-list, see information on my canoe-rental below
  • Check if you need transfers, and check the fees in price-list. For small groups we offer cheaper transfers on monday-evenings
  • Send your request using the form below
  • If you donot find a suitable canoe/price, check my links to other companies below
  • How to get to my place in Puumala, see info

Canoe routes

For autonomous canoe holidays, you can rent my canoes and select the route you like best. Canoes are located in Puumala. Transfer of canoes and persons is available from Puumala or Mikkeli to starting points. I recommend following routes

  1. Kolovesi nat.park- Linnansaari nat.park- Savonlinna- Puumala. This is good for long canoe holiday. Distance min 250 kms. 12 days or more. Transfer to Käkövesi camp site near Kolovesi nat.park where you start paddling to Puumala
  2. Linnansaari nat.park- Savonlinna- Puumala. Distance min 150 kms. 7 days or more. Transfer to Rantasalmi (Tammenlahti) near Linnansaari nat.park where you start paddling to Puumala
  3. Savonlinna-Puumala. Distance min 90 kms. 4 days or more. We meet in Savonlinna, I bring you by car to a suitable starting place and you start paddling to Puumala.
  4. Mikkeli- Puumala. Distance min 90 kms. 4 days or more. We meet in Mikkeli, I bring you by car to a suitable starting place and you start paddling to Puumala.
  5. Puumala-lake Saimaa-Puumala. Distance anything you want. 1 day or more. You start trip in Puumala harbor, and you end your trip in Puumala harbor. This is also an option for cases 1-4 too: you start paddling in Puumala to your destination, and we pick you up from your destination by car back to Puumala

 My canoe rental service includes:

  • rental of indian canoes & fishing kayaks in Puumala
  • help with route planning
  • transfer of canoes and persons from Puumala to/from nearby locations by a minibus (max 8 persons) when needed (extra fee)

Information on my canoe rental:

  • Canoe models and prices.  I recommend Gatz canoe for longer canoe tours because it has a lot of space for equipment. CHECK PRICES & CANOE MODELS
  • Availability. Rental is available all open water season (april-october, sometimes even till mid-november). The high-season is from mid-July till end August. Consider coming  during low-season in may-june or in september, when there are less boats and people in the lakes, and camping sites are mostly empty. My rental is only available by preorder. I donot have a base for last minute rentals.
  • What is included? Prices include canoe, one paddle/person, one drybag/canoe, one safety vest/person, map, instruction, free tips. I also offer special packages that include transfers.
  • Route planning is important. Have a look at my canoe-routes page for ideas. Feel free to ask for advice. When I see you in Puumala,  we will check your plan together on the map before you go.
  • Cancellations and refunds. Check my reservation policy before you order.
  • Order and payment. Once you have ordered my services by email, I will send you a payment information by email. 
  • Do you need more guidance?  Canoeing and navigating in a big lake area requires many wilderness skills and good physical condition. If you are a beginner or feel that you need more guidance, you should consider taking a guided tour instead of going out by yourself.  One possibility is that you book a guide for the first day, and then continue better prepared. In this case, contact me prior to booking.

Transfer information:

  • the best canoeing waters are allways far from the nearest bus/train station. Therefore you will most likely need a transfer, unless you come by your own car
  • Tranfer is made by a Toyota Hi-Ace minibus that takes guide + max eight (8) persons. I have a trailer for canoes and equipment.
  • Transfer is available from Puumala, address:  Niementie 3, 52200 Puumala, Finland
  • NOTE: the exact schedule of transfer can be confirmed only 24 hours prior, because in summer time we make all sorts of tours and are not available for transfers all the time. 24 hours prior start we confirm you the first available time for transfer


Request  a canoe rental

Fill in this form and give all necessary information. We will make you an offer based on your information. Once you have accepted our offer, we send you information about payment. Canoe rental will be confirmed to you after we have received your payment. In case that you do not want to pay in advance, you can come to Puumala and contact us for a last minute rental. NOTE that we need to evaluate your skills, so that we can be confident that you have the skills needed to make a several days canoe trip in the wild.

Welcome on a canoe holiday in Finland, Saimaa Lakeland

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