Canoe tours in eastern Finland national parks

Canoe tours in national parks of Finland is great experience. National parks in Lakeland Finland are eventually the best canoeing destinations. National parks are allways located in the most beautifull nature spots, and they allways have some camping infrastructure in place. Great landscapes, camping sites for short camping, toilets, information and maps available.  All in all, allways a good choise as canoeing destination.

Canoe tours in national parks
Canoe tours in national parks. Welcome in Finland Lakeland canoeing with Lakelandguide

Lakelandguide organizes guided canoe tours in Eastern Finland national parks:

1. Kolovesi National park canoe tour

  • one of the best lake canoeing destinations in Finland, “the hidden treasure”, highly valued by Lonely Planet
  • good for beginners too, when going out with a guide
  • may-october  . Best season is in may-june when a Saimaa ringed seal can be spotted. In august there are many paddlers in Kolovesi, and often camping sites are full
  • see details in page guided  tours in Kolovesi national park
  • possible to combine tour with the nearby Linnansaari national park

 2. Linnansaari national park canoe tour

  • great canoeing destination for experienced paddlers
  • good for beginners too, when going out with a guide
  • Linnansaari is located in Haukivesi lake which is very big, the 8th biggest in Finland.
  • see details in page guided  tours in Linnansaari national park

Information on National parks

You can find lots of practical information on national parks in  website . Here are the direct links for our favourite national parks:

If you are interested about other canoeing options, have a look at our other canoe services. You will find other tour options and rental possibilities