Canoe tours

Canoe tours in Saimaa and National parks

Welcome on  guided canoe tours with LakelandGTE

Become part of nature on  canoe safaris !   Canoeing is probably the best way  to move in a “hazzle-free” way in the waters and really get the feeling  of being  close to the nature. On a canoe you leave no traces to the nature !  There are hundreds of good places for canoe tours  in Saimaa lake district, and we would love to bring you on a trip to explore our waters and spend a great summer day


  • guided tours by  indian canoes. We have equipment for up to 20 persons
  • one day tours on still waters only.  No overnight tours, no white water tours
  • we can arrange extra services such as nature meal, coffee and sauna depending on location


  • anywhere in eastern Finland, where canoes can be transported near the lake for launch
  • we recommend our favorite routes, but we like to go to new places too
  • the best lake canoeing sites are: Kolovesi national park & Konnevesi national park
  • many river routes are available. For logistics reasons it is most simple to start and end the trip in same location, where cars are left


  • april-october
  • april is great in select river routes. You can feel nature waking up after winter. First immigrating birds have arrived
  • may-june is super. Temperatures go up, ice disappear and water levels are high.
  • july-august. High-season.  Lots of boats in lakes, everybody wants to go to waters
  • september. Weather is still ok, you mostly paddle alone
  • october (-november). Days are short & waters are cold, for extreme paddlers

Have a look at different canoe tours and order the one that suits best your needs


Welcome on  guided canoe tours  with LakelandGTE