Canoe tours

Guided canoe tours in lake Saimaa and National parks

Welcome on guided canoe tours in lake Saimaa!   Canoeing is the best way  to move silently in the lakes and get close to the nature. Canoe is nature-friendly and does not leave any traces in the nature. We have great offerings for total beginners and enthousiastic canoe experts.  Lake Saimaa area is big and there are many  good places for both short or long canoe tours. Kolovesi and Linnansaari national parks are amongst the best canoeing destinations in Finland. Guided one day tours are great for visitors and beginners. People with sufficient canoe experience will enjoy most a 1-2 weeks canoeing holiday with a quality rental equipment, help with route planning and transfer services. I would love to be your guide on your next summer trip in lake Saimaa.

Guided canoe tours with LakelandGTE

Guided canoe tours include a local guide, all canoe equipment and transfers if necessary. Here are some  informations

  • guided canoe tours by  indian canoes. I have equipment for up to 20 persons and different Canoe models for 2-4 persons
  • Transfers to/from lake can be arranged by guides van if necessary
  • one day tours with guide.  For longer tours I can help you with planning, transfers and canoes rental
  • extra services such as nature meal, coffee and sauna are available in some locations
  • safe and easy way to spend a great day in the wild: guide takes care of everything. You just need to show up and enjoy
  • Arto from LakelandGTE is your friendly guide and guarantees the best service

Where to go

There is a lot of blue (=water) on the map of lake Saimaa. Hundreds of canoe routes are possible in this area.

  • the best lake canoeing sites are: Kolovesi national park & Linnansaari national park
  • canoe tour can be arranged anywhere in eastern Finland, where canoes can be transported near the lake for launch. If you are staying on a rental cottage by the lake, we can start from your own shore
  • we recommend our favorite routes, but you are free to decide. Check my Google-map for ideas
  • many river routes are available. For logistics reasons it is most simple to start and end the trip in same location, where cars are left

When to go 

  • open water season is from end of April till end of October. The starting days vary from year to year, and depend on many weather factors
  • April can be great in select river routes. Lakes are still frozen. In rivers, you can feel nature waking up after winter. First immigrating birds have arrived. Water is freezing, and there is still snow and ice around
  • May-June is the best time. Temperatures go up, ice disappears and water levels are high. Day-light-time is long. Camping sites are mostly empty, luxury of having it all to  yourself
  • July-August is the high-season.  There are lots of boats in lakes as everybody wants to go to waters. Camping sites may sometimes be crowded,
  • September. Weather is still ok, you mostly paddle alone. Camping sites are mostly empty, luxury of having it all to  yourself. Sun goes down around 8pm and day-light-time is getting shorter
  • October (-november). Days are short & waters are getting cold. This time is only for extreme paddlers who are well equipped. I can provide safety suits to guarantee your safety in all conditions

Guided Canoe tours alternatives

Welcome on  guided canoe tours  with LakelandGTE