Coronavirus situation

We will survive, but clear instructions are necessary

THere is an update from my small travel company on upcoming excursions and possible changes caused by the coronavirus. If you have already booked or are planning to take part in an excursion, please keep these in mind. Customer health and safety is important to me and is taken care of. The entrepreneur thanks

Update 18.6.2020

  • Excursions, cruises and activities in nature and outdoors are currently carried out according to the normally agreed schedule.
  • NOTE due to covid-pandemic we limit the number of customerson all Ecoboat open departures to max 8 persons. This way we can maintain social distances in boat. Boat is equipped by face masks but the use of mask is not mandatory. We have desinfectant hand gel in boat. Please do not participate when sick. 
  • On private Ecoboat charters only you and your friends are in boat. Maximum group size is then 10 persons. I recommend booking private charter in case you are worried about pandemic and social distances in boat
  • The excursions happen in lake Saimaa nature, in the world’s cleanest air and water. Isolated lake area is a safe place to be in current circumstances. Moving in nature is harmless and I recommend everyone to increase physical activity in nature. The health benefits of nature are manyfold.
  • Don’t take part in the excursion if you are ill! It is not possible for the symptomatic person to participate in the excursion. Please contact us if you fall ill before the agreed outing, and arrangements will be made to postpone the outing or to cancel and refund.
  • During the excursions we follow strict hygiene instructions. We disinfect the inside of the boat regularly. Face masks, handkerchiefs, disinfectant towels, etc. are used. Avoid handshaking and contact.

Links for official information when travelling in Finland

Stay safe, healthy and in good spirits !!!