Ecoboat information

Information on ”Lady of the Lake”  electric ecoboat

  • the only 100% electric cruising boat in Finland, and it is very ecological. It  is almost silent and comfortable luxury boat that will bring you close to nature and also to places where no big ship can go.  You can see and hear nature sounds sitting in the cabin in almost at water-level.
  • I am planning to move Ecoboat to Solar Power during winter. This will make the Ecoboat a Solar-Ecoboat. Work is planned for March 2021
  • cabin is covered and fully protected against weather. Big windows to all directions: you can see very well the spectacular landscapes of finnish Lakeland and enjoy time with family or friends.
  • many cruise options in Puumala by lake Saimaa. The base of ecoboat is in Puumala harbor
  • 10 client seats in cabin that makes you feel like being in a living room on waves
  • Leather sofas, ice-cube-box  and servicing tables
  • Additional equipment available:  radio, camera, bird-spotting-scope, autopilot, fishfinder sonar, lights/dimming …
  • Covered weather proof cabin, windows and heater
  • Silent and odourless engine with up to 6 hours cruising time. Solar panels coming in summer 2020
  • Max speed 10 kmh.  Boat suits best on short cruises of 1-3 hours because there is no toilet in boat
  • Built in USA
  • Charter traffic in lake Saimaa since 2012
  • Lenght 6,4m. Weight 2000kg.
  • Best cruising times in may-september
  • Cruise on board electric boat is a social experience.  People sit face to face in leather sofas like in a living room on waves.   Also, it is easy to arrange small programs  during cruise
  • Starting in 2020 ecoboat is based in Puumala, and cruises are available only in Puumala