Guided tours Linnansaari National park

Guided tours Linnansaari National Park

Guided tours Linnansaari national park is the  easiest and safest way to explore this magnificent place.  You will see and get more of your trip with a guide. Guide will take care of all arrangements and you may concentrate to enjoy nature and views.  Linnansaari is probably the best place in the world to see a Saimaa ringed seal, and it is one of the most beautifull areas of grand lake Saimaa.  I organize guided canoe and fishing tours, as well as charter sightseeing tours in Linnansaari national park.

Guided tours Linnansaari national park
Great view from Linnavuori hill over Linnansaari np

Canoe – guided tours Linnansaari National park

Linnansaari is good canoeing destination for people with some earlier paddling experience. The lake area is big and therefore challenging for beginners. However, even beginners can participate in guided tours, because guide gives full instructions before start and we paddle on safe waters. Read more on guided canoe tours page


Saimaa seal watching tours in Linnansaari National park

I make Saimaa seal wathing tours by a big motorized indian canoe and by ecoboat to Linnansaari national park.

Look more about seal watching tours and prices

Sightseeing  by ecoboat – guided tours to Linnansaari.

This is your choise if you like comfort and want to enjoy the wilderness easily without physical effort. Ecoboat runs by electricity and it the the perfect vessel in national park. It is seal friendly and allows you to feel the nature with all senses;  you can see all in every directions via big windows, hear nature sounds thanks to silent engine, and smell the fresh air.   Excellent choise for photographers. Charters  also include entertainment :  guide will play accordion  in the boat for your enjoyment.

      • Duration 3hours.
      • Fee 60€/person 3H. Attention minimum payment 420€  (7 persons)
      • Extra hours 100€/H
      • Fee includes ecoboat, guide services, coffee service. Ecoboat is covered and comfortable boat for max 10 passengers
      • 10 seats
      • Departure place is Mustalahti boat harbour in Rantasalmi, adress: Mustalahdentie 150, 58900 RANTASALMI
      • Departure time by default at 10:00am.  If you need to change the time, send request before booking to check availability
      • attention:  no pets allowed
      • Bookings online via calender below. Payment by creditcards. Instant confirmation
      • This is a private tour. Only your group and your personal guide
      • captain has accordion on this tour and offers free entertainment during tour if you want


Guided tours Linnansaari national park by Ecoboat
Ecoboat is Seal friendly and comfortable boat for 10 persons


Fishing tour in Linnansaari

I make fishing tours by fishing kayaks for max 4 persons. Ask offer by contact form

Fishing kayak tour
Kayak fishing is great nature experience


Some photos from Linnansaari trips to get you on the mood: