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National Park tours with guide- eastern Finland

The national parks are extensive nature conservation areas with the crucial task of ensuring biodiversity and giving people the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. The parks have marked hiking routes, nature trails and campfire sites. Visitors can also stay overnight in the national parks at designated camping sites or shelters and huts. More information is available on each national park’s website. On our trips you may meet a rare Saimaa Ringed seal, hear an osprey and feel the wilderness around you.  With a guide you will see more and get more. It is an easy and safe way to explore a national park with a wilderness guide.  Guide will make all necessary arrangements for you and bring equipments. You may just enjoy the nature around.  We have a cooperation agreement since 2009 with Metsähallitus and we follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism when operating in the national park.


We organize guided tours to four National parks in eastern Finland  :

  • Kolovesi National Park in Enonkoski (lake Kolovesi)
  • Linnansaari National park in Rantasalmi (lake Haukivesi)
  • Southern Konnevesi National park in Rautalampi (lake Southern Konnevesi)
  • Koli National park in  Lieksa (lake Pielinen)


Kolovesi National Park in Enonkoski (near Savonlinna)

Kolovesi is paradise for canoeing because there are no motor boats. Kolovesi is a part of greater Saimaa lake complex, which forms the largest lake in Finland. Kolovesi National Park was established to protect the natural features of Lake Saimaa archipelago in their natural state, the habitat of the Saimaa Ringed Seal (Phoca hispida saimensis), and the forest ecosystems characteristic to Southern Finland. The wilderness-like National Park offers an attractive setting for canoeing  in midst of the peaceful landscape, and now you can also get in the national park on a comfortable guided cruise. In the quiet atmosphere you can only hear the natural sounds. In Kolovesi, the scenery is dominated by cliffs rising vertically from the lake, at some places up to 40 metres above the water level. This wild scenery was formed by the last Ice Age. In the eastern part of the park, rugged Ukonvuori Hill is a beautiful sight. The ancient people used to fish and hunt in the area, and they have left behind rock paintings displaying human figures.

  • I recommend canoe tours in Kolovesi for outdoors enthousiastics. More details on Kolovesi page
  • For people who want comfort and luxury, I recommend sightseeing tour in Kolovesi by Ecoboat. More details on Kolovesi page
  • More information about Kolovesi at

Kolovesi National Park services LakelandGTE outdoor company
Kolovesi National Park in Enonkoski

Linnansaari National park in Rantasalmi

Linnansaari, in the heart of the Finnish Lake District, is an ideal place to spot rare lake seals and majestic ospreys. The waters of the park are dotted with lush green islands and rocky islets. At Linnansaari Croft traditional slash-and-burn farming practices are preserved. The lakeland scenery is a delight all year round. A boat service takes trippers to the main island during the summer. The National Park is a 40 km long and 5 – 10 km wide area in the middle of Lake Haukivesi, a part of Lake Saimaa which is the largest lake in Finland. The landscape alternates between a labyrinth of sheltered islands and broader open waters. The park includes more than 130 islands and hundreds of smaller islets and protruding rocks. If you are lucky, you can see the endearing Saimaa Ringed Seal  on the lake. Linnansaari is one of the best habitats of the Saimaa Ringed Seal (Phoca hispida saimensis). There are ca. 60 individuals which are faithful to their native place.

  • I recommend canoe tours in Linnansaari for people with some earlier canoeing experience. More details on Linnansaari page
  • For people who want comfort and luxury, I recommend sightseeing tour in Linnansaari by Ecoboat. More details on Linnansaari page
  • More information at
Linnansaari national park in Savonlinna/Rantasalmi

Southern Konnevesi National park in Rautalampi

In Southern Konnevesi National Park, visitors can enjoy the wide open waters of the lake in a boat, or canoe through a maze of islands among smooth glaciated rocks and vertical rock walls. In the clear water, you will be able to catch a glimpse of the depths that are the domain of the wild lake brown trout. Breathtaking contrasts characterise this national park. You can trek from herb-rich forests to high cliffs for a view over the magnificent landscape of the osprey. Southern Konnevesi is a landscape of contrasts: wide open lake landscapes nestle amidst the Northern Savo hills, while green herb-rich forests can be found inland, behind the rough rocky shores. The national park on the islands and shores of the southern part of Lake Konnevesi was established in 2014.

  • I recommend canoe tours in Konnevesi for outdoors enthousiastics. More details on Konnevesi page
  • For people who want comfort and luxury, I recommend sightseeing tour in Kolovesi by Ecoboat. More details on Konnevesi page
  • More information at

Konnevesi National Park services LakelandGTE outdoor company
Konnevesi National Park in Rautalampi

Koli National park in Lieksa

When you take in the marvellous view over Lake Pielinen from the top of Ukko-Koli hill, it’s easy to see why this spot has attracted so many Finnish artists, photographers and nature-lovers over the centuries. The splendid scenery always instills a sense of serenity and wonder in visitors. Koli’s hills and lakes provide fine settings for enjoyable outings and activities at any time of year. The hills of Koli are remnants of the ancient Karelides mountain chain that formed almost two billion years ago when the tectonic plates pushed against each other. The hard quartzite rocks created by the collision have endured the erosion and weathering caused by the ice ages better than the surrounding areas.  Ukko-Koli Hill, the hill chain’s highest peak and also the highest point in Southern Finland, rises to 347 metres above sea level and 253 metres above the surface of Lake Pielinen. Even an uninitiated visitor will notice the unique geological formations created by the ice age, such as the rocks with ripple marks or the narrow chain of the Purjesaaret Islands.

  • I recommend half-day canoe tours in Koli national park for people with earlier canoeing experience, because the lake is very big and can be challenging for beginners. More details on Koli page
  • For people who want comfort and luxury, I recommend sightseeing tour in Koli national park by Ecoboat. More details on Koli page
  • More information about Koli national park at

Koli National Park tours LakelandGTE
Koli National park in Lieksa

Tour schedules  to the National parks:

  • sightseeing cruises  may-october
  • canoe tours  may-october
  • fishing tours  may-november
  • Saimaa ringed seal watching tours  may-june  (Linnansaari)

Guided tours to National parks

Services in National Parks in Finland, Kolovesi, Konnevesi, Linnansaari, Koli, by LakelandGTE
Our services in National Parks: canoeing, fishing and sightseeing
  • Guided sightseeing tour by a comfortable electric ecoboat is perfect for nature observation in National parks. Silent boat moves easily in the landscape and brings us close to the nature, just like by canoe but a lot more comfortable way.  Ecoboat cabin is covered and weather-proof, and you will enjoy scenery in all weather. Tours are good for max 10 person groups, and also suit family with children and seniors
  • Guided canoe tours by indian canoes.  We do only one day safaris. Canoeing is a great way to explore national parks, especially in Kolovesi and Konnevesi, which are not very big lakes, and safe even for beginners. Canoe safaris are good for max 16 person groups
  • fishing tours. We use fishing kayaks for spin fishing  and a covered electric Ecoboat which is suitable for trolling and vertical jigging

National parks have  good infrastructure and places to make fire. Nature meal can be arranged in all national parks camping sites for safari guests.

Nature meal in Kolovesi national park safari. Services in National Parks in Finland, Kolovesi, Konnevesi, Linnansaari, Koli, by LakelandGTE
Lunch is ready….nature meal in Kolovesi national park