Puumala cruises

Puumala is one of the most beatifull places in Saimaa, sometimes called “The Gibraltar of lake Saimaa”. Ecoboat offers great sightseeing experiences in Puumala area in summer time, including Saimaa seal watching tours in May-June. We collected the Ecoboat cruise options on this page. Select your favourite and book your own dream cruise in Puumala.

Ecoboat private charters in Puumala 2019

  • Private Seal watching cruises all summer. NOTE that the best period to spot seals is May and early June. Departures from Puumala harbour Read more on Puumala seal watching page
  • Saimaa super sightseeing four (4) hours private charter all summer. Departure from Puumala harbour or Sahanlahti resort. Read more on Saimaa super sightseeing page
  • Private tailormade charters all summer. Contact us and tell your wishes. Departure from Puumala harbour or Sahanlahti resort

Ecoboat open departures in Puumalassa 2019

  • Open Seal watching cruises from Okkola sauna shore in May-June. Read more on Puumala seal watching page
  • Norppafesti-cruises from Sahanlahti 26.6.2019. Spend a great summer day in Sahanlahti resort Norppafesti-event! There is good food and a Saimaa seal lecture and photoshow. Ecoboat makes short accordion cruises during the day. Departures at 13:00, 15:30 and 16:30. If you want to go on a private cruise this day, it is possible by preorder after 6pm. Contact us ina advance. Book seat on Norppafest-cruise here