Saimaa Seal watching tours

Welcome on the most comfortable, informative and ecological Saimaa Seal watching tours on Ecoboat.  Saimaa seal is one of the most endangered seals in the world, and it only lives in lake Saimaa in Finland.   Ecoboat brings you  to observe these animals in Linnansaari national park and in Puumala. Ecoboat is the first 100% electric tourist boat in Finland and excellent for seal watching

Highlights on Saimaa seal watching tours by Ecoboat

  • SEAL-FRIENDLY… The silent electric engine does not disturb seals as noisy petrol engines do
  • COMFORTABLE… The Ecoboat is fully covered and the cabin remains warm unlike in open motor boats. Soft sofas for passengers
  • GREAT FOR PHOTOGRAPHY…  all windows of the ecoboat can be raised up in order to get the best photos. Also, boat is equipped by binoculars and one high-zoom-spotting-scope (20-60x zoom). Ecoboat has served in nature-film-productions with finnish media, and was highly praised by the film-makers
  • INFORMATIVE TOUR. Guide Arto is specialized in Seal watching tours and  knows Saimaa seal facts very well
  • TWO LOCATIONS.  I organize tours  in Puumala and Linnansaari national park (Rantasalmi). You may select the nearest location and hop on board
Saimaa seal watching tours by Ecoboat
Seal friendly ecoboat is great for Seal watching

Saimaa Seal facts

  • Saimaa Ringed seal (Pusa hispida saimensis) is a subspecies of ringed seal (Pusa hispida). They are among the most endangered seals in the world, having a total population of only about 390-400 individuals 
  • Population is slowly increasing thanks to many protection measures
  • Best time to see a Seal is during early summer (May-June) when adult seals spend time on rocks as part of its fur changing behaviour 

Seal watching tours by Ecoboat

You are warmly welcome on a seal watching tour. You will learn more about these nice animals and if you lucky, see one lying on a rock. I organize tours in Puumala and in Linnansaari nat.park. 

Seal watching tours in Linnansaari national park

Seal watching tours in Puumala


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