Savonlinna Charter cruise

Savonlinna charter cruise by Ecoboat

These cruises end in october 2019. Click here to see available cruises in summer 2020. Experience Savonlinna in a new and  comfortable way on Savonlinna charter cruise by Ecoboat, VIP style.  Take your friends and take your own private charter.  Small comfortable ecoboat goes where big ships cannot go. You will get very close to the castle, old ships museum and happy islands. Skipper will entertain you with tales and stories of local history and Saimaa nature. Live accordion music during cruise guarantees the best summer moments.  Gourmet guests might want to taste optional extras like caviar & champagne service on board.  Savonlinna charter cruise by Ecoboat is one the best summer experiences !   


Highlights on Savonlinna charter cruise :

    • Private tailor-made experience
    • Luxury feeling in a highly comfortable boat with covered cabin and friendly skipper
    • Go where big ships cannot go
    • New and fun cruising experience in an electric boat, silent engine and nature friendly
    • Departures from the center marketplace peer, just beside the walking-bridge. Also possible start from Spa Hotel Casino peer  and from Lossiranta Lodge peer


Savonlinna private charter cruise by Ecoboat 2019

      • Fee 370€/group of 1-10 persons
      • Private charter departures at 10:00am or 7:00pm as per your selection. If you want to modify starting time, contact us before booking to check availability
      • Charters duration 2 hours. Extra hours for extra fee 70€/hour
      • 10 seats in Ecoboat. Comfortable leather sofas, like a living room on waves. Ultimate comfort & personal service
      • Departure place in  Savonlinna center marketplace peer, beside the walking bridge. For tailor-made cruises it is possible to start from other peers with some limitations.
      • Extra services and entertainment are available on request.
      • You may bring own food and drinks or order small catering from us. We can provide caviar canapés, sparkling wine/champagne, coffee service
      • Skipper will entertain you during cruise by tales and stories about Savonlinna, Finland and Saimaa lake. Skipper also likes to play accordion on request, and the summer walses in lake scenery offer the best summer experience on board.  Souvenir sales during cruise
      • attention:  no pets allowed
      • Bookings online  Payment by creditcards and instant confirmation



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Accommodation + Savonlinna charter cruise by Ecoboat

  • We recommend staying in Hotel Sokos Seurahuone, because it is a quality hotel located only 100 from the market-place peer
  • We recommend staying in Spa Hotel Casino, because it is a quality spa hotel and has own peer for boarding customers
  • We recommend staying in Lossiranta Lodge, because it has the best view over the Old Castle and has own peer for boarding customers

Savonlinna charter cruises  by “Lady of the Lake” electric Ecoboat

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