Stars of Saimaa tour

Stars of Saimaa tour is a new program in winter 2021. Join star-guide Arto to observe the miracles and stars of evening sky in lake Saimaa. By default we meet at “Norppapolku” in Puumala, but you can also invite guide to your accommodation within 100 kms from Puumala. Arto will guide you in a dark place where stars can easily be seen. Arto will tell you facts and stories about the stars and star gazing. Then we will find a dark place and lay down in snow using protective “star-watching-bags”, and start observing the stars. We aim to locate the constellations that can be easiest located, see the Milky Way, the moon, the Zodiac, international Space Station and planet(s) (if visible). In lying position the observing experience is optimal, and we avoid neck pains. You will experience the stars in the sky in an all new way. This guided tour is operated in Puumala or within 100 kms from Puumala. In good weather conditions this is a tour that you will never forget. DRESS UP VERY WARMLY !

Stars of Saimaa tour highlights

  • Learn the basics of stars in the sky with local guide
  • See you own “Home Galaxy” Milky Way and understand your place in the Universe
  • Enjoy exciting moments in dark lake Saimaa in winter
  • Sip hot drink in the middle of snow after observation
  • I believe that you will never forget this tour. It might even encourage you to start a new stars-watching hobby

Stars of Saimaa tour in Puumala “Norppapolku” (Seal trail) information

  • When    from December till early April on clear evenings when stars are visible in the sky
  • Where   in Puumala by lake Saimaa “Norppapolku/Seal trail”. Meeting with guide Arto in parking of Norppapolku shelter, address: Luukkolantie 223, 52200 Puumala, some 4.5 km from Puumala center. NOTE if you wish, guide can organize this program anywhere within 100 km distance of Puumala for an extra fee (guides km-compensation)
  • Difficulty  Easy. Guided tour suits well for beginners and children. Guide Arto will tell you the basics of stars and observing of stars, as well as take care of your safety. Walking distance in snow about 100-300m
  • Start time  evening at 19:00 (after 28.3. at 20:30 as sunset is later and clock has moved to Summer time). If you want to start earlier, contact before booking
  • Duration 1 H 
  • Price 130€/1-6persons. Extra persons +5€/p. Min payment 130€. If you want the program organized elsewhere over 10kms away from Puumala center, you need to pay extra 0,50€/km guides km-compensation, depending on distance (paid on site cash/credit-card). Program is good for groups of 2-20 persons
  • Price includes guide services, advices for observing stars in the sky, use of protective “star-watching-bags” , hot drink
  • Own equipment Everybody need to have warm winter clothing and long winter boots
  • Service languages Finnish and English. Guide also speaks some French and helpfull German/Russian
  • Booking   online . Payment by credit cards and you will get immediate confirmation to your email. If you want this tour to be organized elsewhere than in Puumala Seal-trail, remember to inform guide about the exact address and driving instructions.
  • NOTE in case of clouded sky, the guide creates an image of the starry sky using more stories and, among other things, the tablet’s starry sky program and its star maps. Unfortunately, I can’t promise a cloudless sky, and the weather forecast is worth watching closely. You can exceptionally cancel this tour  by 12:00 on the previous day at no charge, cancellations made after this will be subject to normal cancellation policy. Check out the cancellation policy here. If the weather forecast is cloudy, you can also change this tour to another program by announcing it no later than 3 hours before the start of the tour (eg Winter games in Saimaa Geopark