Sustainable tourism company

LakelandGTE is a Sustainable tourism company

We aim to follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism:


We go to nature on natures tems, using availabe tracks and paths and we instruct client to move in nature (everymans rights)

Rules and restrictions of national parks are followed.  We have a valid cooperation contract with Metsähallitus. We donot leave any waste in nature. We avoid using disposable dishes for eating.  When motor-powered equipment is needed, we use low-consumption and well mainained equipment, such as boats. We operate sightseeing cruises by 100% electric boat with zero-emission.


We invest in quality equipment that will last for years and can be maintained and repaired (boats, canoe, snowshoes etc).  Our services have profitable fees in order to make company financially stable – thus client can trust on continuous activity of our company. We offer work to other companies too, and pay a fare wage for freelance guides.


We donot accept any unethical action on behalf of our guides, no commenting on human rights, or depreciations of equality of persons. We apply all regulations concerning safety and finnish law. Our quality and safety plans are valid and all personal licences are valid (first aid, boat licences, safety, hygienia etc)