Varkaus sightseeing cruises

Varkaus Sightseeing cruises by  electric Ecoboat

Varkaus sightseeing cruise by   ecoboat is a unique experience

These cruises end in october 2019. Click here to see available cruises in summer 2020. Take your friends with you and go for your own dream cruise.  Cruise offers you a great nature experience in a comfortable cabin that even resists the weather. ”Lady of the Lake”  is the only 100% electric cruising boat in Finland, and it is very ecological. It  is almost silent and comfortable luxury boat that will bring you close to nature and also to places where no big ship can go.  You can see and hear nature sounds sitting in the cabin in almost at water-level. Ecoboat  cabin is covered and fully protected against weather. You can see very well the spectacular landscapes of finnish Lakeland and enjoy time with family or friends.

In Varkaus you have many sightseeing cruise options  

  • scheduled weekly cruises from Kuntoranta spa hotel peer (open to hotel customers)
  • Charter cruises tailormade for your needs
  • scheduled Pirate cruises and other special cruises for children during Vekara-Varkaus festival in june 10-15.6.2019

1. Scheduled cruises in Varkaus from Kuntoranta spa hotel peer

  • regularly once a week  on summer thursdays at 13:00 and 14:30  for Kuntoranta spa hotel customers. You should sign-up for cruise in reception latest day before cruise. Cruise will be operated when min number of clients achieved. CHECK schedule in reception on arrival to Kuntoranta, because changes may occur
  • duration 75min
  • fee 20€/pax  (baby travelling in parents arms free )
  • 10 seats
  • fee includes coffee and accordeon playing during cruise
  • departure:  Kuntoranta spa hotel peer,  Kuntorannantie 14, 78400 Varkaus
  • please come to the peer with ticket   latest 5min before departure time
  • ticket reservation:  Kuntoranta spa hotel reception only
  • attention:  no pets allowed
Sightseeing cruise from Kuntoranta spa hotel in Varkaus Finland, every week
Sightseeing cruises  from Kuntoranta spa hotel in Varkaus 

2. Charter cruises in Varkaus

The best charter is our Romantic accordeon cruise in “Venice of Savo”. You find info and booking link on dedicated “Venice of Savo Cruise” page

 3. Special cruises for children 10-15.6.2019 -Vekara Varkaus childrens festival

        • daily departures from monday till sunday
        • pirate cruise with captain Jack Sparrow.  We sail to look for a treasure .Duration 40 min , fee 11€/seat
        • Santa Claus cruise with Santa who spends summer holiday in lake Saimaa. Duration 40 min , fee 9€/seat
        • attention: Santa does speak english, but most of the program is in finnish
        • See more info and book

Varkaus is a nice industrial town in northern Saimaa.  The deep waterway of Saimaa goes via Varkaus at Taipale canal.  When cruising in Varkaus you may feel the history of Varkaus as a ship-building town.  Logs are still today transported via waterways to Paper factories, and if you are lucky you might see the tugboats and logs going towards south in Varkaus.



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