Winter activities

Winter activities in lake Saimaa area

Winter time is magic in Finland and even more in lake Saimaa area, as all the lakes get deep frozen and covered by snow. We recommend that you try some winter activities that give you great experiences. Snow, ice, frost covers all the country. Nature sleeps, but if you pay attention you will see that there is life out there… You can see birds and rabbit tracks in snow… our small friends are there allright, but they are hiding in the snow banks. It is a real winter wonderland. We offer many adventures and experiences in winter time. On this page you find some examples.  Select your favourite and book online!

  • Arctic Ice floating for the courageous. A once in lifetime experience
  • Sightseeing tours by adventure bus. Drive with a local and expore the area
  • Snow fun with snow shoes & snow art. Fun for families and adventurous
  • Winter fishing on frozen lakes. Who will catch the first fish?

Ice floating  is great winter activity

Arctic winter activity Lakeland style for small groups. Using special safety suits, we jump in frozen water upstream and float downstream like a cork.  Like jumping on parachute lakeland style.  Safe,guided ice floating session in frozen water wearing a dry waterproof rescue suit. You can get this experience in Varkaus and in Savonlinna. Click on following links for more info…

Ice float in Saimaa on the rocks in Varkaus
Ice Floating in safety suits is an experience to remember.


Sightseeing tours by Adventure bus- easy winter activity

This is the easiest way to explore the area in winter and get great experiences. Guide will pick you up from your door, bring on tour, organize optional activities and return back after tour.  Driving with a local gives you lots of insights about Finland, culture and nature. Tours are tailormade for your needs. This program is available everywhere in Varkaus, Leppävirta, Savonlinna, Punkaharju, Juva and Mikkeli areas. Click on following links for more info…

Winter adventure from Savonlinna

SNOW SHOE SAFARI in winter wonderland

Great winter activities in forest.  Have you ever been in a winter forest ?  The atmosphere is magical.  Birds and animals traces can be seen and followed in snow, and by snowshoes you can go anywhere, follow your own way. Even in cold temperatures, it is warm, provided that you are correctly dressed. Showshoeing is also very good excursive that we can recommend to anybody. Read more on snow shoe fun

Snowshoe safari in winter wonderland near you
Snowshoe safari in winter wonderland near you



Fishing is one of the best winter activities. Perfect silence on ice. Nothing moves. Only fisherman with his hopes to catch a fish. Welcome on a guided winter fishing tour with us.  Perfect way to get away from everyday stress on ice. Highly recommended to everybody. Just remember warm clothing, and we provide the rest. Read more on winter fishing adventure

Ice fishing in Savo Finland
Ice fishing in Savo Finland


Other winter activities

Evenings are dark during winter, and therefore it is the optimal time to observe stars in the sky. Check out details about “Stars of Saimaa tour”. If you want to have fun, I recommend Winter games in Saimaa Geopark program. Read more about winter games

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