A great gift for anyone who likes nature experiences. The recipient of a gift card will be able to join a nature activity of LakelandGTE Outdoor company in Puumala by Lake Saimaa. Nature activities include:

  • Saimaa seal safari Gift card

  • eLyly snow scooter safari Gift card

  • any nature experience Gift card.. define value yourself

Gift card instructions

  • Gift card is written in English

  • The gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be used on any LakelandGTE service in Puumala by lake Saimaa within its validity. Gift card is non-refundable and it can be given to another person.

  • The gift card will be sent to your e-mail address immediately after ordering in pdf-format. If you choose to have the gift card delivered by post into an address in Finland, you will receive the printed gift card in a few days by post. Note that we only deliver printed gift cards within mainland Finland!

  • The gift card will contain a "value code" and instructions on how to use the gift card. Gift card is written in English.

  • The recipient of the gift card books the experience in LakelandGTE online shop and enters the "value code" on the voucher as payment method. If necessary, the gift card may be used as a partial payment. If you order a gift card for more than one person, you will receive a separate gift card for each person.

  • Gift card is valid for one year and non-refundable