Seal watching tour is a great nature experience in the beautifull archipelago of Puumala by lake Saimaa. The most comfortable Seal watching tours are operated by the covered cabin Ecoboat which runs by solar power. Enjoy the silent and comfortable cruise and fantastic scenery and listen to professional seal guide stories. The best time to spot rare Saimaa seal is in May

Many seal tour options for summer

  • Open public departures from Niinisaari island between 1.5-11.6

  • Private charters available all open water season

  • NEW seal safaris by open motor boat from Sahanlahti Resort on Saturdays in May

  • Open public departures from June 13th untill end of September from Puumala center (Sahanlahti Resort after August 14th)

Great nature experience on all seal tours

You will hear the guide's stories about seals, you will be enchanted by the beautiful landscapes of lake Saimaa, with good luck you will see a rare Saimaa Seal in the water or sunbathing on the rocks

Open Seal safari in Puumala by Ecoboat from Okkola early summer 1.5-9.6


Private Seal safari by Ecoboat in Puumala (Okkola, early summer 1.5-9.6)


Public open Seal safaris by Ecoboat from Puumala harbor (summer 10.6-31.7)


Private Seal safari by Ecoboat from Puumala center (summer 10.6-31.7)

From €354.00

Public open Seal safari by Ecoboat in Puumala (Sahanlahti autumn 1.8-30.9)


eLyly safari to make snow drift for Saimaa seals


Private Seal safari from Sahanlahti by Ecoboat (autumn 1.8-30.9)


Seal friendly tourism