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LakelandGTE is a Sustainable tourism company

LakelandGTE has been awarded a Good Travel Seal certificate & Sustainable Travel Finland award (STF) for our contribution to sustainable tourism.

We follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism:


  • Traveling in nature on nature's terms, on routes marked on the map and informing customers about the rules of travel in nature (e.g. the rights of every man)

  • In national parks, special attention must be paid to the rules and restrictions for visitors to the park. We also have a cooperation agreement in force with Metsähallitus on the principles of sustainable nature tourism in national parks.

  • When dining in nature, all waste is carried away and sorted

  • Food and drinks are served from reusable containers, avoiding single-use products

  • For large client events, the use of reserved fireplaces or other rented facilities is encouraged.

  • A non-motorised way of getting around in nature (hiking, snowshoeing, canoeing, mountain bikes, etc.) Motor boats should be low-emission and well-maintained. We cruise with a 100% emission-free electric boat (= ecopat) with batteries charged by solar panels.

  • We do most of our seal watching trips on a quiet, emission-free electric boat and respect the peace and quiet of the seal during the trips.


  • Investing in sustainable purchases; buying quality that lasts and can be repaired and maintained (canoes, snowshoes, boats, etc.)

  • Services are priced to be profitable and the business is financially stable - so customers can be confident of continuity

  • The company also offers work to other companies and freelance guides and pays a fair wage for the work done.


  • Guide companies will not tolerate unethical behaviour, commentary or any other behaviour that undermines human rights or equality from their guides or subcontractors.

  • Guide companies will comply with the legislation in force as a basis for safety and other activities.

  • Quality and safety documents are up to date and specific competences related to their own activities are valid (first aid, professional fishing guide qualification, charter boat qualification, canoeing instructor, hygiene pass, tourism safety pass)

Practical measures in LakelandGTE activities

  • Support the local economy by favouring local services. Recommend local products and services to customers

  • Cherish local/national heritage by providing activities based on tradition or history. I promote local heritage in products and services. I recommend local cultural attractions and/or events to customers.

  • Purchase environmentally friendly means of transport (canoes, electric boat, electric snow scooters). Encourage customers to travel in an environmentally friendly way. Staff are very familiar with local conditions and take them into account when working with clients. The company's equipment and furniture is regularly maintained. Equipment is checked after use and any damage is immediately responded to.

  • We instruct our customers to take into account their responsibilities as citizens, animal nesting times and environmentally friendly behaviour in the countryside.

Welcome to enjoy your stay with me in safety and respect for nature