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eLyly safari to make snow drift for Saimaa seals
€109.00 / 2 h 30 min
Price includes 1 person.


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NEW ! Help the Saimaa ringed seals by making a man-made snow drift to help the seals in their nesting. We drive to the site by eLyly electric snow scooters with a local seal guide. Safaris take place in Puumala archipelago on Lintusalo Island in January. The unique winter experience is organised by Nestorinranta and LakelandGTE nature services in cooperation with Metsähallitus (Finnish authority in charge of wild-life). The experience is suitable for fit 12-65 year olds.Welcome to Puumala!

At a Glance

  • Departure times on select Saturdays in January. Duration of the safari approx. 2 hours plus outdoor meal

  • Departure point Lintusalo Island, Puumala. Exact directions to the departure point will be sent with the confirmation of the order. Lunch included in the tour is served outside at the departure point.

  • Group size 1-6 persons. Safari is carried out as a guaranteed departure if there is a booking in advance. Book latest 24 hours before departure.

  • Restrictions: Participants must be at least 12 years old, weight limit 110 kg, zero tolerance with alcohol. Building snow drift by snow pushers is physical and requires some fitness. Safaris will only be operated if ice and snow conditions permit.

  • Price includes snow scooters, helmet and safety vest, snow pushers, guide services, hot drink, fish soup lunch (on the morning trip lunch is taken after the trip, on the day trip lunch is taken before the trip), photography (you get the photos taken by the guide for yourself after the trip)

  • Personal equipment warm weatherproof winter clothing (layered clothing), NO studded shoes, we recommend goggles to protect from the wind (sunglasses, ski goggles, etc.)

  • We follow Metsähallitus' guidelines and practices for making snow drifts for Seals. All participants will sign a confidentiality agreement because the nesting sites of the seals are confidential information. We follow the principles of seal-friendly tourism. The pilot project is part of the "Our common Saimaa ringed seal LIFE" project, whose main objective is to improve the conservation status of the Saimaa ringed seal through concrete conservation measures and increased cooperation. The pilot project will be carried out in close cooperation with Metsähallitus, which has permits from the ELY centres to carry out conservation activities.

Features & Benefits

You help Saimaa seals The ringed seal needs a snow drift to dig a nest in during the winter. Inside the snow drift made by you, a seal may make a resting or pup nest where a cub is born later in winter. During the trip, you'll also get insights and seal information from your guide. And the seals will thank the makers of the snow drift!

Winter wonderland   The Finnish winter is magical, silent and beautiful. Experiencing nature improves your wellbeing and makes your heart sing

Fun Riding an electric Snow scooter is big fun. Scooter moves by a small gesture of your finger and you will love the quiet ride. 

Easy  Driving Snow scooter is easy. If you can drive a bike, you will learn to drive Snow scooter in minutes. Riding a scooter requires the same balance as cycling. The guide will open the trail for you by motorized "snowdog" sled. Guide gives you all necessary instructions, drives with you and gives a helping hand when needed.

Safe   Guide will check the ice situation and the safety of the route in advance. Guide carries necessary safety equipment. Riding an electric Snow scooter is as safe as riding a bike when you follow the guides instructions.  The top speed of electric Snow scooter is 25 km/h and we will ride by safe low speeds. No drivers licence is required. A minimum age of 12 years is required from all participants

Good exercise and fresh air Pushing snow to make the snow drift is a nice but physical job where you can easily get sweaty, so it's excellent exercise too. In Lake Saimaa we breathe the freshest air in the world

Nature friendly    Electric eLyly Snow scooter is a silent and zero-pollution vehicle. It is nature-friendly and sustainable mode of transportation in snow.

Unique  This is the first time that making snow drifts for Seals is tested as a tourist service.  Our electric  eLyly Snow scooters are the world’s first top-designed electric Snow scooters.

Delicious The price includes a delicious fish soup lunch prepared by the hostess of Nestorinranta from local ingredients, which we enjoy at the starting point. On the morning trip we enjoy the soup after the safari, and on the day trip before the safari starts.

Reasons to Book Now

This safari is an innovative new experience that will only take place on two days in January. We recommend you book your tickets well in advance to join the eLyly safari to help the Saimaa ringed seal.


We are a couple. Can we book a ride for just two persons  Yes, you can. You can even book a single ride

Is the tour suitable for foreign participants? Yes, if they speak English, French or German. The guide will be available in Finnish, English and French, and will also speak some German and Swedish.

Is the safari good for a family with children? If your children have a minimum age of 12 years and they can ride a bike, then yes, this is good for you.  An adult must always accompany a minor child. Please note that we use adult size snow pushers to make the snow drift. If the above conditions are not met, then you should look for another easier activity for children.

Can I stay upright on the scooter if I have poor balance?   If you can ride a bike normally, you can learn to ride eLyly as well. Driving requires the same balance as cycling.

What happens if the weather  is very cold?   The safaris will operate when the temperature is above -20 degrees Celcius.  All participants need to have warm winter clothing (if necessary, we do rent warm winter overalls, boots and gloves, but only in adult-size). You can book the clothes in advance.

Can you get to your departure point by public transport? Unfortunately not, there is no public transport in the Saimaa archipelago. You will need your own car because the distance from the centre of Puumala to the departure point is 23 km.

Is there accommodation nearby? Yes, there is. Nestorinranta offers accommodation. See the Nestorinranta website for more information